Biomagnetic Pair  is a set of magnetic charges that identify a pathology or disease; which is constituted by two magnetic charges with opposite polarity that are formed due to the fundamental alteration of PH in the organs that support it in the body.

Using different protocols and manual kinesiology tests on the body, can be identified both magnetic charges tha makes reference to PH disorders and diseases in the body..


The therapy works doing muscle tests or kinesiology tests on the body putting magnets arround over the body to identify PH disorders, symptoms and patogens like virus, fungus, bacteries and parasites.

This therapy uses static magnetic fields with over 1000 Gauss induction force arround the body to makes both opposity charges rebalance the PH and help cells to work much better.

This is a Natural Non Invasive Therapy That Helps You With Many Deseases and Symptoms to recovery your health and wellness.



This Therapy can help in many cases like deseases by virus, fungus, bacterias, parasites and also helps on reduce emotional effects on the physical body of the mind depression, anxiety or any other negative emotions.

You can us Biomagnetic Pair for Boost up yout inmune system, rebalance your hormone, STD, HIV, hepatitis, recurrecnt infections, metabolic disorders, anxiety, depression and a lot more.


1. Complete Biomagnetic Scan

As Specialized Practitionerr of Biomagnetic Pair is Necessary to do every time a complete scan of the body looking for Ph disorders to help our patients to get the bests benefits from therapy from the first consultation.

2. Investigative Culture

We do combine different knowledges from different cultures arround the world of medicine like nutrition, emotional healing, psychology and ayurvedic medicine to help out patients on the best way to make them feels better every time.

3. Certified Team

We are a Certified team of Therapist by Dr Goiz at Universidad de nuevas ciencias medicas en Mexico and highly trained nurses for others services we offers



1. Improve Your Inmune Response

Magnetism and out Therapies will help you tu boost up your inmune system and inmune intelligence to delete virus, fungus, bacteries and parasites from the body. Also will help you with emotional effects over the body of bad emotions or trapped emotions on your journey.

2. Prevent & Stays Healthy

Biomagnetism, Pemf Therapy, Iv vitaming Therapy and all the therapies or services we have will be helping tou you stay in harmony and on that way you can prevent deseases making your cells works much better every time with the therapy.

3. Non Invasive Therapies

All our Therapies help to rebalance your body, mind and recovery your energy and vitality without the nocive effects traditional medication generate over your body every time you takes it, biomagnetic pair and iv vitamin can help to strength your kidney and liver organs to detox your body.


Las terapias me han asentado como nunca, todo muy bien antes y después de la cirugía que tuve en la cabeza, los doctores se han sorprendido bastante de mi rápida recuperación en comparación con otros pacientes que normalmente deben ser hospitalizados y yo me recuperé bastante rápido gracias al Biomagnetismo.

Edilma A.

Me han servido bastante para las crisis de asma y de tos seca y con flema (bronquitis) que sufría a cada rato. Todo eso ha desaparecido con el tiempo y hoy por hoy me siento mucho mejor, no he tenido recaídas y las terapias me las seguiré haciendo regularmente.
Ali D.